Building a home with Ethan Beck was truly a life-changing experience.”
Elizabeth Moore

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We couldn't be more pleased and are eager to sing Ethan's praise every chance we get”
Rob & Mitzi Kugler

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Ethan is unfailingly patient and easy to work with”
Rob & Mitzi Kugler

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Sustainable craftsmen.

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Our homes have history and soul. They will still be strong and sturdy 100 years down the road.

We build for the future—for your family and for the people who live on your block. We build for your children’s children, and know that even the smallest choices we make will have a lasting ecological effect.

Our vision is to add to the beauty and character of Portland neighborhoods for generations to come, while reducing our homes’ impact on the environment.

Design for your lifestyle

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“Building a home with Ethan Beck was truly a life-changing experience. We’d heard horror stories about building homes, but our experience was so exciting and joyous that we would do it again—but only with Ethan. We got our dream house—on budget, ahead of schedule, and with net-zero electrical usage. Who could ask for more?
— Elizabeth Moore

Buildings should serve people, not the other way around. –John Portman (American Architect)