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If you are going to buy or build a home by Ethan Beck, you are very lucky! We had Ethan Beck build our German Standard Passive Home. Some say that building a house can be one of the most stressful experiences in life. But building with Ethan Beck is quite the opposite. There are good reasons for this: Ethan is unfailingly patient and easy to work with; he has a knack for hiring only the best subcontractors who are as accommodating as he is; and above all, you know the house he builds will not only be attractive and green, but it also passes the highest standards around. That certainly is our experience with Ethan Beck Homes. We couldn’t be more pleased and will be eager to sing Ethan’s praise every chance we get. In fact people who know the building standards, that have been to our home, validate that Ethan Beck is an outstanding contractor.
—Rob and Mitzi Kugler.
The Kugler’s Passive Haus blog: oregonpassivehouse.blogspot.com

As a single woman, I entered into the first-time home-buying and home-building process with some hesitation and concern. However, once I began the work with Ethan Beck Homes LLC to design and build my first home, I only felt supported and confidant along the way. Ethan is professional, honest, efficient with his time, and a great communicator. His staff is, too. I love my home. I can honestly say that in this case, buying and building a new home was a relatively stress-free process! I highly recommend Ethan Beck Homes and his crew to build your home.
—Dr. Courtney Jackson

Building a home with Ethan Beck was truly a life-changing experience. My husband and I felt fully looked after throughout the build. Ethan’s attention to detail is second-to-none, and he clearly cares about each of his clients and their happiness and satisfaction, no matter how small the detail. We’d heard horror stories about building homes, but our experience was so exciting and joyous that we could see ourselves doing it again–but only with Ethan. What started as a business relationship has blossomed into a wonderful friendship, and we got our dream house—on budget, ahead of schedule, and with net-zero electrical usage—out of the experience as well. Who could ask for more?
—Elizabeth Moore

I considered that the homes that people live in exactly describe their lives.—Douglas Sirk