LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE. Build your dream home.

ApproachOur vision is to add to the beauty and character of Portland neighborhoods for generations to come, while reducing our homes’ impact on the environment. Here’s our philosophy on getting you from an empty lot, to a house ready for memory-making.

Time is money, but more importantly, time often means greater hassle, headache and emotional drain. Time is everything. Perhaps you want your home ready for your child’s 5th birthday party, or with enough time to enjoy summer. We honor the timelines we give you.
We don’t do surprises (ok, unless it involves champagne). We do our very best to "front-load" you as to the costs involved. We want you to make decisions with all available factors and will help you hone the overwhelming number of choices available based on your budget and lifestyle.
It is not uncommon to share a meal as friends from the very kitchen we designed and built. We want to be liked (admit it, you do too)...which means we focus on what makes you tick, and aim to make you smile.
First and foremost, we LISTEN to who you are and how you live. Our goal is to design for the things you want and suggest those you haven’t even thought of yet. We anticipate your needs 5, 10 years down the road as your children and home age.
  • BPI certified contractor: in order to create the most efficient system possible this certification calculates the integration of all systems from climate and site location, to healthy living standards.
  • All homes are NW Energy Star & Earth Advantage Certified.
  • 20 years of experience and trusted connections in Portland.
  • Sustainable construction site includes recycling waste, preserving existing trees, and
  • Read more   we have a whole page dedicated to this.


I considered that the homes that people live in exactly describe their lives.—Douglas Sirk